About the Photographer - Robert C. Angell

Robert C. Angell lives in southern Vermont.  He loves to travel the world and share its beauty, culture, and people through photography.  

Bob had his first camera by age 12 and used it to photograph the 1939 World’s Fair. By age 15 he had built a darkroom under the stairs. At 17, he went into the Army, where his existing photography knowledge turned out to be a useful skill. He carried out big-scale photography for the Army in Texas during WWII. From there he went on to a career in engineering.  He continued to travel globally for his career, but he only returned to the craft of photography later in life, using it as a means for exploration on a trip to Africa.  

His early love of photography was reinforced with trips to Antarctica beginning in the 1980s and several summers volunteering with federal and state wildlife and parks agencies in Alaska.  This reinvigorated passion led him to continue traveling the world in order to experience it and capture its richness, sharing it with others through his images.

While some people worry that viewing a place through a camera does not allow a photographer to fully experience and appreciate a place, Bob has found that his life and travel have been enriched through photography. The lens allows him to hone in on details, to look more and to see better. He is also able to revisit his images and look more closely at the ring someone was wearing or remember the experience of waiting in a place as the light shifted and bent, eventually ending up just how he wanted it and allowing him to capture the photograph he wanted. Photography allows him to study and learn the images, burning the places and people into his mind forever. Reflecting back on photographs taken long ago allows him to reflect on history and his life's experiences, triggering stories that might otherwise remain untold.

If you'd like to get in touch with Bob, please email him at rangell@sover.net.

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